Sophie's Thoughts

I’m passionate about matters of the heart.
I like to write and discuss issues which all walks of life can relate to. My approach is to help you find your voice, your strength or your purpose when you have almost given up.

I will take you on a journey of self discovery as you navigate the twists and turns of life. My hope is for you to embrace change and accept all the different stages of your life. By living with a full open heart, significant and profound transformation can unfold effortlessly.


Sophie offers both in-person and online services, including courses, psychotherapy sessions and retreat workshops. Sophie is based in Mackay and travels between home, Brisbane and Angourie to host her in-person events.

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Rituals for an Abundant Life

Honouring significant changes or challenges in your life through rituals allow you time to pause and reflect on the exact moment you are in. Rituals are habits which […]



The ultimate betrayal. Affairs has existed since marriage was invented. It has never been so easy to stray nor has it ever been so difficult to keep a […]


Traits of an authentic woman

The 8 character traits of a truly authentic woman Being genuine should never be something you have to learn about. You just are. It’s the rare trait of a woman […]



The fiery awakening when we lose our obligations and rediscover our passion Night sweats, brain fog, greying hair, despair, hysteria, empty nest, overnight


Lack of sexual desire

Why it eats away at our soul and what to do about it. When we begin our life with our significant other, we have the best intentions that […]


Betrayal of the feminine

The dark sisterhood and how to move through it.  We have all felt the sharp knife from a woman.  It hurts and cuts deep like a wound, aching […]


Personal growth

When is it too much and how to find the balance Delving into personal growth is for the brave and virtuous. Never before has working on yourself been […]


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