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Awaken. Transform. Heal.

Shift beyond the
limitations of your mind.

Sophie Birgan is a Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Counsellor, and Accredited Supervisor who has been in private practice since 2006.

With a passion to support men and women who are ready for change, Sophie is an educator who facilitates individuals and couples to transform their lives through psychotherapy.

Working deep into the unconscious mind, Sophie’s approach is an innovative, rapid and holistic therapy which provides long lasting benefits to a person’s life.






One on One

For clients seeking psychotherapy, counselling, relationship therapy and constellations.

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For Professionals

For therapists requiring professional development hours.



Read about Sophie's thoughts.

"Effective and profound therapy is safe, interpersonal, and restorative. It is a way to connect the dots finally. It reveals what has been missing, what's been kept secret, or what the unconscious mind has repressed. It allows a person to see what's been absent, to fully understand their inner-self better, and restructure their thinking around the narrative so that a paradigm shift is felt."


"Sophie has the ability to shine the dark light onto anyone she works with to reveal their soul’s yearning. She oozes compassion and humility."

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"Sophie is extremely passionate about bringing success and happiness to others’ lives, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, direction, achieving goals, and creating a life you have always dreamed of."

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"The universe works in mysterious ways. I never thought I was brave enough to look back into my past. You took me there gently. I look forward to our next session."

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"I have been to many psychologists throughout my life, and I’ve told my story many times. In only three sessions with Sophie, I finally got the clarity and peace I have been longing for."

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Book a free 10 Minute Phone Consultation

Book a 10 minute consultation over the phone with Sophie to discuss how you can be best supported.

Be vulnerable
It’s the key to fulfilling relationships
Express the hidden parts you fear most,
To the ones you love most


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