Photo bundle 21 – Business constellations

Business Constellations.

All too often businesses look at data and marketing or seek advice from research and business strategists, with little thought for the social, cultural or traditional values which lie at the heart of the organisation.

Photo bundle 21 – Business constellations

In Family Constellations, your inner thoughts, feelings and inner structure create your reality. Similarly, Business Constellations help you understand many areas of your professional life.

If your business constellations are healthy then success comes your way. If not, you can experience burnout, lack of motivation, loss of drive, loss of money or illness. Energy is a huge driving force in businesses and also the key component for discovering where there is misalignment within organisations.

By examining the whole structure, central elements, specific management styles, and
personalities of the people involved in the business or organisation, many hidden things are revealed, and new successful pathways become easily identified.

Graphic bundle 11 – Business constellations

A business constellation is a powerful way to find solutions for complex problems when compatibility and symmetry are systemic issues. The constellation provides an in-depth insight into the source of the issue and finds solutions in a very short time. The process also gives new possibilities and releases stuck or toxic energy which is detrimental to businesses. Shifts and expansion can unfold as a result.


A Business Constellation experience is relatively fast, experiential and solution-focused. The session gives a person the information and education required to see where change needs to occur in their business or organisation. In fact, this can often come from the founder or directors and specific elements of the company. Also, partners' motivation, integrity, or lack of fairness in the system, costings, disgruntled employees, lack of recognition, and blockages can all be revealed. The constellation provides a snapshot of the business, how it flows, and its energetic structure. Ideally, a company that flows well energetically is a place of productivity and prosperity, and people who are a part of it feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment.

Business Constellations can help you with:

  • Leadership
  • Identifying precisely what isn’t working in your business
  • Poor relationship with money
  • Disconnection with life purpose
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Making better business decisions
  • Showing possible solutions to business challenges
  • Priorities out of order
  • Building team moral and resolving dynamic problems within teams
  • Recognising the root cause of ongoing problems

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