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Below are reviews from real clients across Australia who have worked either in person or online with Sophie.

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"Sophie has the ability to shine the dark light onto anyone she works with to reveal their soul’s yearning. She oozes compassion and humility. "

Chris, Brisbane
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"Since my first session with Sophie in 2010, my life has transformed remarkably, and it is thanks to this amazing woman. Sophie has unique qualities that enable her to dig deep and get to the core of issues in a powerful, direct, yet heartfelt way. Sophie has helped me discover who I am and my true potential. She has supported me on the road to achieving my ideal life, and so many wonderful and positive opportunities have happened."

Ingrid, Brisbane
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"Sophie is extremely passionate about bringing success and happiness to others’ lives, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity, direction, achieving goals, and creating a life you have always dreamed of."

Haley, North Queensland
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"I cannot begin to describe how much you helped me today. When we both ``clicked`` and found the solution to my woes… I was blown away!
Though I know I have more work to do on myself, your guidance and support have lifted me and will undoubtedly make my wedding and the coming years the best of my life. I have you to thank Sophie for helping me see the light."

Gary, Brisbane
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"The universe works in mysterious ways. I never thought I was brave enough to look back into my past. You took me there gently. I look forward to our next session."

Dan, Brisbane
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"We are truly blessed as a couple and are so much more in love with each other than ever before; it’s great! We are soon to get married (2012) and are ever so eager to spend the rest of our lives by each other's sides as we push forward together and our relationship only continues to grow. I think we all lose focus, but Sophie got us back on track and saved our relationship and us as individuals."

Sharon and Paul, Mt Isa
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"I have been to many psychologists throughout my life, and I’ve told my story many times. In only three sessions with Sophie, I finally got the clarity and peace I have been longing for. "

Patrick, Melbourne
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"We had been together for six years, our relationship was extremely rocky, and we were unsure if we would last. We were at breaking point; I had previously done some self-growth work, and my partner had not done any, nor was he a slight bit interested in starting. Life seemed grim with no hope for our relationship, but we knew we both wanted to make it work and simply didn't know where to start. The last straw was deciding to start some therapy sessions with Sophie; we found that this was when the magic truly began!
We've been working with Sophie for three months, and the changes we have both made have been phenomenal. It is clear how much we have carried from our family systems. Through acceptance and understanding, we don’t live with contempt or disappointment anymore. Our relationship feels lighter, and the future feels promising. "

Maria & John, Brisbane
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"I unravelled layers I didn't realise existed and saw through barriers I had previously been unable to. The door is now open to give myself permission to shine!"

Felicity, Brisbane
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"Sometimes in life, you reach a crossroads and need someone who is a step back from your world to objectively provide some guidance. Since making a momentous decision to leave my employer of 23 years in early 2014, utilising Sophie’s therapy has been instrumental in giving me the nudges necessary to chart a new course in my life and achieve a greater work-life balance."

Jason, Brisbane
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"Given my mental health circumstances at the outset, her happy disposition and her acceptance of and ability to understand me were massively refreshing. I have seen a professional methodology at work, balanced between looking back and navigating a way forwards, but always pivoted on living in the present and being mindful of what is really important in life. Each session has been delivered with such affability and depth that it is very easy afterward to feel strengthened in mind and soul. "

Ben, Brisbane
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"Sophie recognises that only the individual concerned has the power to change their lives and make the necessary choices. A collaboration was created where motives, reasons, explanations, undertakings, plans, etc., were pursued and, as necessary, challenged to produce far more constructive and positive outcomes than would have been the case otherwise. The resultant experience has been very fulfilling and one to savour."

Steve, Brisbane
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"I want to express my gratitude for everything Sophie has done for me. My life has changed for the better, most amazingly and positively, since I worked with her."

Melissa, Brisbane
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"Sophie has given me the strength and confidence and made me realize who I am and the person I need to be. I am experiencing things I couldn’t see before and feeling everything with a positive vibe and energy, impacting others around me.
Thank you so much for getting me above the line again. I aim to stay there as long as possible."

Mark McDonald, Brisbane
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"I just wanted to thank you for my first session with you today. You have made me feel much calmer and braver about my current circumstance.
It was a great relief to have a counsellor who understood where I was coming from without a clinical approach."

Vicki, Brisbane
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"Sophie’s workshops are a motivating, inspiring way to learn more about our inner selves. The time to listen, think, and nurture our hearts again with no distractions, under the safe and supportive guidance of a compassionate, caring, and loving woman."

Marion Sydney
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"I highly recommend Sophie’s Workshops for every woman at any stage or role in her life. It will lift your heart again and truly bring the gift of love back into your Mind, Body, and Spirit."

Julie, Brisbane
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"I haven't thought of ``ME`` for a long time.
To me, it felt selfish to put myself before everyone else.
I wish to thank Sophie for helping me see this within myself and giving me insight as to why. Working with Sophie gave me the courage to revisit times in my life I wanted to keep buried. I feel renewed, alive and brave. She helped me face the disowned parts of me. "

Larissa, Brisbane
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"Thank you Sophie, for one of the most extraordinary, inspiring two days of my life. Your ability to want only the best for each individual blows me away. The workshop exceeded my expectations. Often at these seminars, you sit and take notes and take a small something away with you. This workshop was incredible; so much was learned with healing processes and real help to take home and work on."

Agnes, Brisbane
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"This workshop is something I will continue to recommend to other women who deserve to be their own heroes! I will be forever grateful for having had this experience!"

Jacinta, Brisbane
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"Thanks so much, Sophie, for the hope you have given me - you exude absolute beauty, and I know I can do the same now, thanks to you!!"

Jo, Brisbane
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"The workshop with Sophie has been a wonderful and healing experience. The openness and sharing among all the participants was a privilege to be part of and witness. I had some great learnings about what has been holding me back from living a genuinely open and loving life and sharing that life with all of those close to me.
I feel a fantastic sense of connectedness with those around me and a relief at the burdens I have been carrying that I leave behind. It’s been awesome."

Amanda, Brisbane
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"After 12 years of marriage, my husband and I were at crossroads. Our story is typical of many other couples working long hours while raising a family and dealing with everyday issues.
It got to the point where divorcing was a real option. Our last chance to save the marriage was counselling. Sophie works in a straightforward, genuine, and honest way.
We look forward to our sessions with Sophie; we have come a long way since the first meeting. We would encourage anyone who needs help with personal and relationship breakdowns to take this step. The atmosphere is calming and nurturing. Before you decide to leave, we highly recommend you make an appointment with Sophie Birgan."

Antonella & Fleming, Brisbane