Photo bundle 22 – Supervision

ClinicalSupervision & Mentoring.

As a leader in your chosen field, dive into professional development with Sophie to discover how you can sharpen your tools to enhance high-quality client treatment, address ethical dilemmas, reduce compassion fatigue, explore your practice, and improve your self-care.

Photo bundle 22 – Supervision

Sophie Birgan is a Level 4 Clinical Counsellor, Registered Psychotherapist, and Accredited Counselling Supervisor in the Mackay Region and online. Sophie draws on 20 years of experience in holistic health as a practitioner, therapist, and facilitator and the many mentors, teachers, and personal experiences integral to her life’s journey. An experienced and compassionate therapist, Sophie holds a degree in Psychological Science and Counselling and is a Level 4 member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and certified practicing member of PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia), with a substantial background in self-healing, facilitating permanent, profound, and positive change for individuals to live happier and healthier lives.


Clinical Supervision with Sophie empowers you to take your practice to another level. Unlocking your leader within so you gain deeper insight and effective results for the clients who choose you.

As a gatekeeper for your professional development, Sophie is passionate about self-care and shines a light on the “therapist first” approach to your supervision. Skilled at supporting others to have fruitful relationships in all areas of their lives, Sophie’s method is psychodynamic and solution-focused. Space is held for those times when your load feels too heavy to carry.

You will be in safe hands by working ethically, collaboratively, and in a culturally-aware environment, addressing your fears and concerns with cases, understanding transference, and countertransference, enhancing client outcomes, expanding your business growth, and gaining deep insights into your personal development with Sophie.

Professional supervision with Sophie allows you to explore your practice challenges, examine your professional decisions, and aids in deepening your knowledge and skills as a therapist.

1. Improve the quality of your practice
2. Broaden your professional development
3. Support your well-being as a mental health provider.

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Clinical Supervision $100 per session for 1 hour
Group Supervision $50 per person for 2 hour group session
Mentoring $190 per session for 1 hour

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