Personal growth


When is it too much and how to find the balance

Delving into personal growth is for the brave and virtuous.

Never before has working on yourself been so acceptable and admirable.

Exceptional personal growth workshops enhance people’s lives, transform the lost and lonely, realign those in crisis, soften the sceptics and provide a platform for like minded souls in which lifelong friendships are formed.
We journey deep into our minds and soul, discovering our inner child who has been running amuck and hurting. We dust her off and give her a big dose of self-love, sort through and clean up some trauma and dysfunctional patterns and give the unconscious mind some much needed attention. Then hopefully, life starts to change for the better. 

Why then, do some declare with conviction, how much they are committed to their growth, never seem to change and show up falsely and demonstrate to the world they have it all together.  Look closer, it’s a contradiction and avoidance.

We all know the tick- a- boxers, the growth junkies who are addicted to the next workshop or seminar hit.  

Often the workshop or learning environment becomes an escape, safe place or a cover for addressing what is really going on. Often preaching about morality, honour and sovereignty, yet moral corruption and perversion is at the extreme.   

Some people become obsessed in self-improvement under the guise of serving others, and it fills a huge void in their lives. 

The arena of supporting others becomes a huge distraction and a person stops living and waits for the next workshop to roll around. 

It’s simply a church for the die- hard growth addicts. 

They become a big fish in a small pond. 

The shadow ego runs the show and living and adapting in the real world becomes frightening and a real nightmare.  

Think of Personal Growth Workshops as vehicles. You get on when you need them and then jump off once you have gained the tools and enriched learnings to start living a meaningful and successful life. 

Drain your swamp.  Release the people who live in drama and gossip and thrive on hanging off the coattails of the ambitious.

Bless them from afar

Move amongst the doers and shakers of this world and less of the gunnars. Change can terrify people and it can stir up jealousy when a person rises out the trenches and leaves others behind.  

Take a break from the language of personal development. On this note, overuse of growth jargon is a sure sign someone aches for acknowledgment and significance and is trying to play you. It’s brainwashing camouflaged as personal growth. Switched on people see right through the facade. Speak naturally and authentically. People respond much more to communication which feels and sounds genuine. 

Surround yourself with all the colours of the rainbow. 

Don’t assume just because someone hasn’t read a personal growth book and have 10 workshops/seminars under their belt, they don’t have wisdom and profound insight into human psyche. Quite the contrary really. 

Growth can be found in the most unexpected places and through the most unexpected people.  Always keep an open mind and trust your intuition.  You were born with it and it will never fail you. Sit with yourself often. Have an experience turning off social media to avoid being drawn into everyone else’s business.  It is only here you will discover the answer to your challenges without the noisy distractions engulfing you and taking you off centre.

Find your passion and purpose and get living.  All men and women need this.  If you don’t have a strong purpose you will tend to lean on those that do or you will be lost with no direction.  Find the gifts in the simplistic and ordinary things, be true and deeply honest with yourself and watch your life turn around.