Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy can strengthen your relationship and support both of you to overcome difficult dynamics.


Sophie supports couples with:

  • Infidelity
  • Child loss
  • Conflict resolution
  • Gambling and drug addiction
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs
  • Lack of trust and jealousy
  • General relationship health

Discover a new depth to your relationship and connect to your partner unlike before.

Why choose relationship therapy?

Working on your relationship can be challenging. However, it is necessary if you both desire a long-lasting, fulfilling, and enriched partnership. Feeling embarrassed or ashamed by reaching out for excellent support is a thing of the past. You owe it to yourself, your partner, and your family to maintain your relationship as sacred and to seek an experienced professional therapist for support. The results are rewarding, whether you start over again with each other, redefine your relationship or come to a close on the current chapter.


Sophie's Approach

Sophie offers a balanced perspective and direct approach with expertise in understanding the feminine and masculine polarity, the unconscious mind, where both parties are coming from, and identifying blocks from the past that are getting in the way. This unique insight and awareness into relationship dynamics allow both parties to feel safe and supported. Sophie's therapy offers a neutral and non-judgmental space for you to safely and expansively work on your relationship.

What can we expect from relationship therapy sessions?

Depending on your situation, your sessions may include insight into a number of the following aspects;

  • Prioritising your relationship
  • Taking initiative
  • Exercising willpower
  • Creating a win/win for both partners
  • Effective 2-way communication
  • Seeking to understand and then to be understood in return
  • Finding solutions that will satisfy both of you
  • Discovering ways to fill your own love tank and that of your partners,
  • Recognising the external stresses and distractions which affect your relationship
  • Exploring the masculine and feminine parts of yourself, your upbringing, birth order, your parent's relationship, and how these all affect your relationship profoundly.


Couples who commit to working on their relationship create a much stronger bond and loving connection. The process can be intense yet profoundly rewarding. It is crucial to really understand the problems and perspectives of either person. Most couples are looking for a concrete action plan and a way through their issues to make changes that have a positive impact and real hope for their relationship. The relationship doesn't have to feel like it's at rock bottom. Understanding each other in a supportive and facilitated environment is healthy for any relationship. You may have a specific concern you wish to work through or a general feeling that something needs to be met or resolved. Relationship therapy is broad and helpful for all relationships.

Exploring your values, beliefs, and conditioning will unlock why your relationship may fall repetitively into crisis. Many factors contribute to why your relationship is not where it originally was. Until you have both gone down the path of self-inquiry, you will continue to point the finger at your partner when problems arise and feel inner and outer turmoil.

How do things go wrong?

As couples settle into the contentment of love in their everyday life, they cease to fan the flames of desire. They have forgotten that a great fire requires air. Great relationships need effort, healthy, respectful space, discipline, passion, and spontaneity.

Through the busyness of life, many couples put their relationship below their work, children, friends, and even their pets. Relationships bestow us with great joy and also profound suffering.

Usually, when the spark diminishes, these behaviours may appear:

  • Frequent arguments or repeated discussions about the same issue(s)
  • Differences in sexual needs, lack of sexual connection, or other difficulties with sexual intimacy
  • Affairs/infidelity
  • Lack of trust or jealousy
  • Conflicts about children, family members, finance, or career matters
  • A feeling of disconnectedness from your partner
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feelings hurt, anger, feeling neglected or disrespected
  • Gambling, drug addictions


Love enjoys knowing everything there is to know about a person. However, desire needs mystery, space, and intrigue to flourish. In a relationship, our feelings of intimacy develop through recurrence and familiarity, compared with our feelings of eroticism which become numb and paralysed from the repetition and predictableness. Boredom can set in, and after a while, for some couples, desire begins to fade, and problems arise. All too often, the spark and zest of a relationship change over time.

Sophie works therapeutically, solution-focused, experiential, and systemic when working with couples. She remains neutral, do not take sides, and allow each individual to explore their challenges, limitations, resistance, frustrations, and goals. This facilitation process removes barriers, enables both parties to disarm conflict, become deeply aware of their patterns, and face the realisation of whether journeying together will continue or parting ways is inevitable.

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