Rituals for an Abundant Life

Sage 2

Honouring significant changes or challenges in your life through rituals allow you time to pause and reflect on the exact moment you are in.

Rituals are habits which add a deeper meaning to your world.

For as long as I can remember I have embraced rituals in my everyday life.  They have given me solace in challenging times, they have helped me to slow down, they’ve guided me, led me to be more present and provided an anchor for reflection and contemplation in the business of my life. 

Rituals don’t take up a lot of time or space and you don’t need to be a really creative person to experience them. Rituals bring about magic and they are the source of where hopes and dreams are birthed from.  They awaken the seeker in you, turn on your inner guide and manifest powerful changes in your life through intention.

Here are a few tips to bring in more rituals to your life.

Pay attention to signs and synchronicity

In every moment of each day, the universe is whispering to you.  Most of the time you don’t notice. From the morning songs of the birds, tide changes in the sea, dreams, strong intuition or knowing, coincidences, accidents, illness or sudden changes and significant connections with special people; life carries so many communications from the spirit world. Signs give you powerful messages and insight into the direction of your life. They reflect what is occurring in your unconscious mind and beneath your conscious awareness. When you are still, answers will come. Observe the health and behaviour of your pet and you will discover how they too reflect your state of being. 

Purify your living space with sage

The earthy smell of sage has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans to treat digestive issues and memory problems. Native Americans and Indigenous Australians have burned sage as part of their spiritual rituals to assist in healing and wisdom. 

In our modern-day life, sage is an essential herb to help cleanse your home and spaces which feel heavy and draining.  Burn it when you feel like you have taken on someone else’s energy or when you have moved into a new house. 

Visit your inner child to resolve old recurring issues  

Remember to talk to her often when you are feeling flat, sad, angry, lost or confused. It’s a sign your little one needs direction from your wise, comforting adult self.  It doesn’t take much to soothe and it’s amazing how quickly you start to feel better when you pay attention to your child within. 

Journal to clear your mind and attract the right partner

Writing down your thoughts and feelings gives you much clarity on problems and difficult periods of your life.  It is also a beautiful way to express gratitude for your life and articulate a clear vision for your goals and intentions. When you want to bring in a new partner into your life, write down everything you want in an ideal companion.  But remember, you too need to be ALL of those points on your list.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Spend time gardening to feel grounded and let go

When your hands connect to soil, often problems and stresses get dissolved in the earth.  Growing and planting are wonderful ways to release tension and put your focus onto something rewarding and creative. 

Dance in the morning to celebrate and move heavy energy

Move your body as you rise from your slumber.  Emotional healing requires you to tune into your body. Often unresolved emotions become stuck, so feeling them, shifting them and letting them go creates profound change in your life. You begin to feel lighter, look softer and will attract new opportunities into your world.  

Spend time in nature to get a different perspective

Being outside in the wild makes you realise how small your perceived problems are. It’s cleansing for your mind, body and soul. Staying indoors all day everyday doesn’t clear out the cobwebs. Swim in the cold ocean, walk in the rain, go hiking, watch the sun set and rise, set intentions with the new moon and let go of unwanted behaviours, thoughts and feelings with the full moon. Write them down and burn them in a ritual fire. 

Practice tantra with your partner to create a deeper bond

Creating deeply intimate moments with your beloved takes time and an unguarded heart. It is the foundation for a rewarding and conscious relationship.  Having a sacred space with candles and incense and exploring one another’s body transmutes you to another realm. Surrendering fully into each other means letting go of fear and expectations. 

Whether you are moving towns, starting a new relationship or marking the end of one, navigating a major transition in your life or grieving the loss of someone close, rituals give  meaning to significant change and challenges. They create a foundation for you to explore yourself and the surrounding world with more clarity and awareness. 

Your best life awaits with rituals.