Betrayal of the feminine


The dark sisterhood and how to move through it. 

We have all felt the sharp knife from a woman.  It hurts and cuts deep like a wound, aching and bleeding for some time. Why does it hurt so much?

Women long for connection, for love, to belong and to feel trust with other women.  We believe trust will come in the form of safe spaces, sisterhood groups, gatherings, mothers’ groups and communities where women are convinced being vulnerable is safe. If you are lucky enough to find a beautiful nurturing womens group which consistently provides support and unconditional love then best you treasure it close to your heart. Often, women don’t feel safe sharing in these spaces or if they do they run the gauntlet of being gossiped about, colluded against, rejected and deeply alone.  Often these circles are light, all fluff and lack depth. Lurking underneath is the shadow which switches from dressed up syrupy sweetness which some women tend to be, then to passive aggression or an explosion of anger. The unresolved mother wound gets acted out enormously in some sister circles. The natural yearning for sisterhood connection and being painfully triggered by old wounds, can leave friendships in tatters. 

  You cannot bypass core wounds of jealousy, rejection, shame, failure and abandonment. Only through deep self exploration of the origin of these feelings will resolve them once and for all.  

This is why real trust is not felt and the vulnerable get swept away and become disillusioned with female friendship groups.

The central expression for the feminine is love, so to open and trust another woman fully, delving deep into these uncomfortable feelings is necessary.  True sisterhood exists when women fully resolve and heal their mother womb.  If not, experiences of superficial, unsafe relationships with women are ongoing. Feeling confident with a deep sense of who you are within, you are less inclined to attract unhealthy female relationships and you become much more comfortable in your own skin.

Our mothers were our greatest teachers, especially about emotional matters. We learned when we were young about what’s acceptable in the way we think, feel, express and suppress by her.  If we reject our mother and refuse to accept her, we only suffer more. It is our mother who gave us our life and once we take this into our heart, and return back to her what belongs with her, much distress and hurt begins to fall away. Vulnerability and compassion are the key to move through this process. It can be difficult to let certain memories, traumas, attitudes and behaviours go, however it remains our greatest strength in so many aspects of our life if we master the art of surrender and letting go.  Keeping your mind and heart open is risky business but the rewards are profound.   

Through your breath and active primal movement engaging the energy from your womb space, rage, bitterness, grief and sorrow which gets trapped within the nervous system can be released and cleansed. From here, anxiety starts to dissolve, confidence and awareness builds and secure, trustworthy friendships begin to develop from this new, lighter state of being. Loving, nurturing and honest feminine connections are birthed from this place. This is what women long for and it feeds their soul. 

The freedom felt when we honour our divine feminine rather than rejecting it, expands and has a ripple effect on our energy levels, health and wellbeing and all of our relationships.